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Monday, September 11, 2017

Facebook postings

I have two pages on Facebook where I also post. One for "Image of the Mind Studios" and one for "The Gnomes of New Hope". So I suggest checking those pages also, because sometimes those posts are more recent. I think I put links to those pages on The Gnomes of New Hope blog or just do a search in Facebook. AG

Monday, August 21, 2017

New Concepts

   Revised 8/21/17

Well, interestingly enough, there have been some discussions lately about theme oriented theatre.

As you may know, there is an element in "The Gnomes of New Hope" called "Gnome Fest" and we are looking to produce an environmental theatre/festival project based on that part of the show.

So I am actively looking for producers who may like to be involved in this or any aspect of The Gnomes. We will need to have a team of producers working together on the numerous aspects of this show, because it is simply too big for any one producer to effectively handle.

NOTE; I am building "The Elder Gnomes Joint Venture" as the funding mechanism for this and this JV requires a Board of Governing Executive Producers. There is a buy-in to that board, which consists of twelve board positions. I am the Chairman of the Board. Discussion will take place on IMS Producing Partners.

Years ago, I was developing the concept of Gnomeville, as a theme environment that people could visit, but I put that aside for various reasons. I still have some property in mind for that concept, but it is very expensive land and I'm not sure that can actually happen, because of zoning.

    But way back when... I wanted to have "Gnomeville" be a stop along the New Hope/Ivyland Railroad. There is some remote possiblity of that happening, but the land to do that (along the railroad) may not be available.

I only make mention of it in case there are interested parties who may like to work toward that goal.

That concept remains a potential, but is not a priority right now, as we still have to finish illustrating the story, distribute the e-Storybook, finalize the puppetry presentation, film that show, start working on the animated film, deal with merchandizing, mount the stage musical and plan a tour.

   So as you can see, we're pretty busy. And there's the business factors related to all that and facilities development as well.

   But another amazing circumstance with incredible potential has arisen. I am working on devising an outline for that concept and trying to align the forces to look seriously at this.

   Unfortunately I cannot reveal much of that concept here, only to say it is relative to a theme park and, not only it is huge, but it would benefit literally thousands of people and hundreds of businesses.

That is not, however, directly connected to the Gnomes, other than the possibility that "The Gnomes" may be presented within that environment.

   It is beyond the capabilities of Image of the Mind Studios as it now exists, but if we build the organization in accordance with the business plan laid out for The Gnomes, then implementing that concept might not be out of reach.

  That project would require some serious land development and management resources and abilities. So clearly, I would only provide the conceptual development, as that is my specialty.

   In that regard, I will begin discussing some of the business plan for IMS, in the most general terms, on IMS Producing Partners, just in case we can move that concept forward. It will be contingent upon investment in IMS.

   Just one point here regarding financing; I am still functioning under the Front Money Agreement and my minimum is $10k. I expect that minimum to go up as a result of increasing costs of numerous items, including the Legal fees for finalizing our contract structure, implementing the Joint Venture, and making a Closely Held Stock release. These subjects will be addressed in more detail on IMS Producing Partners or at the Studio.

Another focus for financing is Licensing & Options, if this applies contact me.

More later,


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Preparing the e-Storybook

    I thought I'd post this here instead of the Gnomes of New Hope or IMS Producing Partners pages.

 That's not as easy as it sounds! (preparing the e-Storybook) I thought the layout I had was sufficient, until I started adding links and dealing with file size & hiearchy.  I rather found out the hard way, that your file structure needs to accommodate a rational order which is discover-able both by the computer, the main file links and yourself as the craftsman assembling the document. Being PDF files, they are fixed and not easily changes if you find errors or make changes. Basically, you have to rebuild the files if that occurs. That means going through 3 or 4 programs and integrating numerous files to come out with one document. Gad Zooks!  But then there is the issue of Digital Rights Management, which affects not only the hiearchy, but also the capability to integrate music and video, all-the-while securing the files. Interestingly enough, this complicated structure, tends to add to the difficulty of copying the files, because they don't work if the file locations change. So that's a good thing.

So work is advancing nicely on finishing the e-Storybook from a technical standpoint. After that is all functioning properly, then we will address the remaining artwork for the books.

In that regard, I am thinking that I will license certain aspects of the project, maybe the television series and/or film/theme parks presentation(s). I expect that doing this will raise the funds required for the finishing artwork. I know all of this sounds obscure to people who have no idea what this story really is, but preservation of the product lines is critical to the success of this project, and revelation of the details of the stories is reserved for Industry Professionals and investors in the project. I have a huge amount of time and money invested in this project and knowing the extent of the markets for the items in the product line, I simply cannot reveal the essence of this project to the public or any individuals who are not vested or legally bound & committed to the classified nature of the project by providing the Restrictive Covenant Agreement. I can, however provide progress reports and other items related to production activity, which, as you see, I am doing.

It has become clear to me that attempting to advance with production, or even pre-production activities is inadvisable without, at the very least, finalizing the functionality of the e-Storybook to the point where it can absolutely be distributed at the retail level. We are set up for manufacturing the product line "Gnomes in a Gnutshell" and I am working on refining some of the tooling required for packaging. Unless I have orders for fifty or a hundred thousand units, with a short delivery time, I expect to produce the product lines in house. But even then, assembly and shipping will take place from Image of the Mind Studios in Southampton. The one thing I am firm on is that this product line is to be produced and manufactured in America. There are a couple of reasons for that, not the least of which is inventory control, but I won't go into that now.\

I have to say I am very impressed with the e-Storybook. That is not only because I have written and produced it, but, truth be told, it looks really great! I hope it has the desired effect on the audience. There are samples posted her and on other pages, so you can look see what it looks like by searching around these pages.

You can get to me by email, or stop by the studio.

Well, that's all for now. AG

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Posting from a smartphone

I have attempted numerous times to post updates from my smartphone. It is strange that the post from a workstation vs a mobile devise seem to be different. I am posting this more as a test to myself than anything else, so there is any substantial content to this post. If I can figure this thing out, I may post more.

I have to say that posts to Facebook via this smartphone do seem to work, so keep an eye on that page. I did post the Preface from Book One of The Gnomes of New Hope there. It gives a good overview, although it's nothing that hasn't been said before in other posts. It's just consolidated and the fact that it is published in the hard copy of the Gnome-sized Edition rather confirms the objective plans to be more solid.

Hopefully this mobile post will work. AG

p.s it does appear to work. Now I need to check it from a work station make sure it's the same.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

AG Bio

If the link in the header does not work for you, persons wishing to see the Biography posted on IMS Producing Partners will need to contact me via email at image.of.the.mind.studios@gmail so I can add you to the list or send it to you directly. The IMS Producing Partners blog was set up to be a secure blog, set up for our investors and producing partners so that the information is not available to the general public and we can use that blog to manage the business of The Gnomes of New Hope on a secure classified basis. I'm still working on that. AG

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


I thought I'd post some images of the puppetry which is being worked on now.

These three Dragon heads are part of a forty foot dragon which is part of
 The June 19th Pageant at Bryn Athyn Cathedral.
It is the Seven Headed Dragon referred to in the Book of Revelations.
It takes ten puppeteers to operate.

These three heads are in my shop, in order that I can modify them
to accommodate the requirement for them to spew water out of their mouths.
We achieve this using silk to represent water.

Here, the covers, which end up looking like a tongue, create a stowage space for the silk.
These are in process, and the paper mache, formed over an aluminum foil & wire frame, is drying in the sun.

Here is the spring tube mechanism that has replaced the original rubber band design.
With this modification, the jaw is controlled by a spring attached to cables on each side,
thus leaving the mouth open to accommodate the silk.
The cable area is reinforced.

Then the roof of the mouth is closed up, new paper mache applied and then repainted.
Here the end of the  tongue is being shaped to create an opening for the forked tongue and silk.
the water is pulled out by children who are attired to represent angels
This shows the tongue shaped before painting

There are many more images of both the dragon and the performances, but I will leave that for another time. I just wanted to post something other than a droning on about the Gnomes of New Hope.


Sunday, June 04, 2017

June 4th update

A quick report -  Work on the Gnomes has stopped for the next two weeks, although I came up with another product line and have produced a flyer for that item. I'll post it here or on the Gnomes Blog in the future.

For now I am busy building puppets for the June 19th Pageant at The Bryn Athyn Cathedral. We have a 40 ft Seven-headed Dragon which is described in Revelations 20. This Pageant is in celebration of the New Church and I am involved as a performer as well as having become the Dragon Master. This means this I am in charge of making sure the Dragon is in good shape and operable for the pageant. I am making modifications to the design of the heads to accommodate the river of water that pours out of the dragon's mouth. You can read Revelations 20 to get the drift of the pageant... or vist Bryn Athyn Cathedral on June 19th at around 7pm (when the pageant begins). From around 4pm on there is a community picnic on the grounds.

That's all for now. AG

The future of Cinema Under the Stars

Visit: Cinema Under the Stars for discussion about this program. All activities in the Meadow Amphitheatre are on hiatus. This and other programs will center around a new portable stage which we are building and will be presented at various locations.

The Meadow Amphitheatre

The Meadow Amphitheatre has been dismantled due (in large part) to vandalism.

We expect to rebuild a portable version of the stage, which will be available on a rental basis. Look for further information to appear on the web pages linked below or send an email to

A tour of The Meadow Amphitheatre has been moved to it's own site and there is a page on Facebook titled "The Shakespeareans of Tamanend Park".

Please refer to The Shakespearean Journal for the commentary & discussion regarding efforts to rebuild the stage."

Any information or photographs regarding this stage activity may be found at these three locations and postings will depend somewhat on the interest shown by other people.

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