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Friday, September 07, 2007

The Creative Archive Project

UPDATE 12/11 - After reviewing this posting, I realize that this is one of the more important projects that I would like to see realized.   

My intention has been for this to be part of Image of the Mind Studios and the Studio compound which I intend on building and eventually turning over to The Alpha & Omega Society.  However, there are other buildings available where this concept could be implemented and there is one in particular that would be well suited for this project. That building has a significant cost attached to it, so in order to pursue this project (in any instance) I will need to see the Board of Directors built.  If there are any of you who feel inclined to get involved with this to a significant degree - with confirmed dedication to seeing this fully implemented, then I am open to discussion in that regard.

The Modus Operandi and management systems manual need to be confirmed and this will be proceeding. I will post what I can, when I can here. AG

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One of my most pressing issues is the establishment of, not only a long term facility, but the establishment of a Creative Archive. I have made it one of the objectives of The Alpha & Omega Society to maintain & support an archive of creative materials as a service to artists wishing to feel secure that the work of their life will be preserved for posterities sake. The operating proceedures and management of such an archive will be determined by the board of directors when the time comes for implementation. The archive will in all likelihood require a warehouse, but that is something that will be delt with in the future. For now, I'm posting this as an announcement of intention and as a way of informing members of the A&O Soc. of one of the objective we are going to work towards. AG

Archive Facilities- the design that is beginning to come forth is much like that of a storage facility. Temperature & climate controlled units connected to a central gathering place or community room which can serve as a gallery for exhibition of the artists work. The units are for the storage of completed work, manuscripts, portfolios, sketch books, works in progress, casting forms, etc.. No personal property or raw materials may be stored in the climate controlled lockers.

It is likely that additional units will be attached to the facility, which will essentially be the size of a one or two car garage. This unit may serve as a working studio. There is a design for the larger studio compound which takes into account studio space. If the compound is implemented before the archive facility, then studio space will not be integrated into the archive. However, if the archive is developed as a satellite of the IMS studio compound (which would be placed in numerous cities) , then studio spaces will need to be integrated into the design. This is obviously a long term vision of the archive concept and implementation of these thoughts will depend upon what kind of response, encouragement, and resources I receive to move forward.

As I write this, I realize that this Archive Project is integral to the larger Studio Compound and the management parameters of the archive are directly related to the Spiritual Retreat/Artists Colony Project. The management of this Archive will take the basic principles seen in retirement centers and charitable foundations and merge them with some of the methods used by an assortment of artist's co-ops. Thus, the artist will be a member of the archive by buying their storage space, much like a condominium. Further, their work will be assigned to The Alpha & Omega Society for protection and management under specific terms. The artist's heirs will be co-owners of the work with The Alpha & Omega Society the terms of which are subject to bi-annual review. AG

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