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Monday, May 01, 2017

New Postings

I find that I have some folks looking at the Image of the Mind Studios page on Facebook. So I have tried to post there to keep it going. What this means is that each blog/page that I post on ends up having somewhat different conversations on equally different subjects. Of course most all of what I am posting relates to The Gnomes of New Hope or Image of the Mind Studios. So I suggest you look for that if you care to. I will have to rely on the search engines to get you there because I have yet to have set up a link to that page. It may be n the header here, but I'm not sure. I will try to get a link there when I can. It's easy to loose track of all this stuff. (Actually there is a link in the header!)

For the most part I am busy Scoring the music for the Gnomes, which basically involves literally thousands of pages. I am also working to improve the IMS Producing Partners page and post most often on The Gnomes of New Hope page.

That's all for now. AG

The future of Cinema Under the Stars

Visit: Cinema Under the Stars for discussion about this program. All activities in the Meadow Amphitheatre are on hiatus. This and other programs will center around a new portable stage which we are building and will be presented at various locations.

The Meadow Amphitheatre

The Meadow Amphitheatre has been dismantled due (in large part) to vandalism.

We expect to rebuild a portable version of the stage, which will be available on a rental basis. Look for further information to appear on the web pages linked below or send an email to

A tour of The Meadow Amphitheatre has been moved to it's own site and there is a page on Facebook titled "The Shakespeareans of Tamanend Park".

Please refer to The Shakespearean Journal for the commentary & discussion regarding efforts to rebuild the stage."

Any information or photographs regarding this stage activity may be found at these three locations and postings will depend somewhat on the interest shown by other people.

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