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Sunday, June 04, 2017

June 4th update

A quick report -  Work on the Gnomes has stopped for the next two weeks, although I came up with another product line and have produced a flyer for that item. I'll post it here or on the Gnomes Blog in the future.

For now I am busy building puppets for the June 19th Pageant at The Bryn Athyn Cathedral. We have a 40 ft Seven-headed Dragon which is described in Revelations 20. This Pageant is in celebration of the New Church and I am involved as a performer as well as having become the Dragon Master. This means this I am in charge of making sure the Dragon is in good shape and operable for the pageant. I am making modifications to the design of the heads to accommodate the river of water that pours out of the dragon's mouth. You can read Revelations 20 to get the drift of the pageant... or vist Bryn Athyn Cathedral on June 19th at around 7pm (when the pageant begins). From around 4pm on there is a community picnic on the grounds.

That's all for now. AG

The future of Cinema Under the Stars

Visit: Cinema Under the Stars for discussion about this program. All activities in the Meadow Amphitheatre are on hiatus. This and other programs will center around a new portable stage which we are building and will be presented at various locations.

The Meadow Amphitheatre

The Meadow Amphitheatre has been dismantled due (in large part) to vandalism.

We expect to rebuild a portable version of the stage, which will be available on a rental basis. Look for further information to appear on the web pages linked below or send an email to

A tour of The Meadow Amphitheatre has been moved to it's own site and there is a page on Facebook titled "The Shakespeareans of Tamanend Park".

Please refer to The Shakespearean Journal for the commentary & discussion regarding efforts to rebuild the stage."

Any information or photographs regarding this stage activity may be found at these three locations and postings will depend somewhat on the interest shown by other people.

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